Providing strategic global mobility advisory and expert services that improve the employee experience of Mobility teams, international assignees and their families. Advising global mobility programs to:

  • Be more aligned with company strategy, talent management, market trends and challenges, philosophy and culture
  • Becoming strategic partners to management
  • Creating better EX – employee experiences
  • Operate market-competitive, cost-effective and efficient


  • Improving the employee experience of Mobility teams, international assignees and their families
  • Aligning Mobility Programs with company strategy, talent management, market trends and challenges, philosophy and culture
  • Creating Mobility Functions that are valued by top management for their contribution to business success
  • Providing long-lasting client satisfaction


  • Working harmoniously together to achieve jointly agreed objectives in an efficient way
  • Building lasting relationships through a mutual common understanding
  • Identifying and tackling of current and future challenges and exploring innovative ideas
  • Passionate about sharing experience and inspiring other people


  • Competence
  • Professionalism
  • Passion
  • Harmony
  • Loyalty



Global Mobility Strategy and Policy Advisory

Assisting Mobility Functions with the review, benchmark, design and implementation of Global Mobility Strategies and Policies utilising nearly 20 years of professional service and market experience.


Global Employment Organisations (GEOs)

Supporting companies to understand the complexity of a GEO and identifying if there is a valid business case for the design and implementation or feasible alternatives to obtain the expected benefits.


Group Relocations

Providing strategic, project- and change management advisory for group relocations, helping Mobility Functions to succeed by understanding the pitfalls and interdependencies with the larger project (e.g. supply chain centralization, principal structures and green-field investments).


Expert Services

Helping Mobility Program Leaders through individual expert services to reach their personal and company objectives. Facilitation of Mobility team meetings, provision of Future of Mobility trainings and coaching.



  • Advised on more than 100 Mobility Strategies & Policies from various industries with 20 years professional services experience working out of five different countries
  • Developed specific Strategies for localisation, repatriation, KPI's and RoI's, outsourcing and effective exception management in Mobility
  • Advised clients in 36 countries, among them 20 of the Dax 30
  • Former EY EMEIA leader for Mobility Advisory, Group Relocations and Global Employment Organisations
  • Recognised Mobility Thought Leader and frequent speaker at mobility events and multiple publications (German, English)
  • Founder and coordinator of the Swiss SMI Mobility Network
  • Facilitator of the Swiss GEC Networking Club
  • Lecturer for Global Mobility at Erasmus University Rotterdam and HWZ business school Zurich
  • Bachelor Business Administration, Human Resources, Business School Pforzheim, Germany
  • Forum for Expatriate Management: EMMA 2012 Global Mobility Rising Star
  • Forum for Expatriate Management: EMMA 2015 Global Mobility Professional of the Year

Chris Debner Emma Award Chris Debner Emma Award


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Based on our experience and philosophy, Mobility Advisory Services need to be tailored individually to the needs of every company. And since every company is special in its own way, please contact Chris for a discussion to understand better how you can fulfil your company’s needs and individual desires.

Chris Debner LLC
Josefstrasse 165
8005 Zurich

Tel: +41 79 79669 08

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